The Eagle V1.2
Imaging SystemTM


The Eagle V1.2 Imaging SystemTM

SBI ALApharma Canada Inc. has developed and manufactures the investigational device, the Eagle V1.2 Imaging SystemTM for breast cancer surgery.

When used with the fluorescence inducing pro-drug PD G 506 A (5-aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride), the Eagle V1.2 Imaging SystemTM can help surgeons identify cancerous tissue directly in the operating room based on the fluorescence detected.


Margin Assessment in Mere Seconds

Clinicians can review both white light and fluorescence images, as well as videos of the surgical cavity and specimen margins. This allows for quick margin assessment - in the OR during surgery.

Fluorescent & white
light imaging

This imaging technology is compact, and  specifically designed for handheld use in the operating room. The Eagle V1.2 Imaging SystemTM can use both white light and fluorescence imaging to produce high-definition images and videos, to visualize tissue fluorescence in real-time, with an endoscopic optical head designed to allow full maneuverability within the surgical cavity.

The device can be used during surgery – within the sterile field, to image the surgical cavity and specimens. Images can be evaluated by the surgeon in real-time, without the need for radiology involvement.

The device can also be used to image excised specimens following a surgical procedure, for example during evaluation of the specimens by the pathologist.

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